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Hi everyone :),
i am facing a problem in with my network. every morning i am receiving call from users that LAN is not working. when i check the system; i found that lan driver has yellow mark in device manager. steps i have taken to resove the issue:
1) restart the system after removing the lan cable.
2) connect the lan cable when system started.
problem solved.
but it is happening daily, not with 1 or 2 users but 6-8 users daily.problem is repeating the users.
other steps performed:
1) dns forwarding applied on one of the domain server.
forwarding to ISP dns.
2) give the domain ip in the primary dns of users computers.

but problem is still remaining. not solved yet.
domain user also having this lan problem.

kindly provide me any help.
waiting for any reply.
Umesh Malik
[email protected]

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Solution: 1: Create restore point and take registry backup.
2: Delete all unwated software's, and toolbar, security software's. from program and feature.

3: Delete all temp files.
4: Disable all unwanted services from startup and then delete from registry.
5: scan with spyware removal and hijacthis and trojon removal tool.
6: Restart the computer and check windows update. if found and then update.
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