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Lan Clan

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Ok so basically i'm in a lan clan we basically get together like once a month and we have a good turn out to our lan parties about 20ish poeple.

Well we just doubled in size tonight :) And we are now having 2 lan parties a month.
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That's cool. Are you wanting to discuss something in particular, or just commenting? Or are you looking to recruit?
yeah i would love to join if your near me.
Heh we really arne't looking for members... Its a really local close group of friends type deal :)
so...why bring this to everyones attention if you aren't inviting anyone to join?
i'm a little confused...
Just want to discuss it... I highly doubt anyone lives near me anyways.
are you kidding I love Germany. I was planning on moving there when I'm 18 anyway. German is so cool. Angrif dan Juden
I've only been to 1 real lan party in my life, and it was several years ago when I was part of a Quake2 clan. it was held in a barn (yes, a barn) in a very small town in Ontario in the summer. we dubbed it 'peachfest', though I can't remember why. Turnout was around 10-15 people.

It was a blast. With the concept of lag completely out the window it took me a while to get used to not leading my targets, but once I did everything was so much easier and so much fun. It was hot as hell during the daytime and we had a few issues with machines over-heating, but into the evening it cooled off and our play was unhindered. It was the first time I met a lot of my clanmates and I have very fond memories of it. Though now that I'm a bit older, none of my friends really do any PC gaming anymore, I think the LAN scene is over for me.

Enjoy it while you can.
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Well if you move to Germany then contact me and i'll see about getitng you to a lan party.
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