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Laggy Scrolling ?

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So today I Installed windows xp as I was finding vista to be a bit overwhelming. Everything went fine until I had a few driver issues. I have most of my drivers up and running but a few. I don't know much about graphics and things but this is the name of my card: NVIDIA GeForce 7150M / nForce 630M. Few other things as well. Anyone got a decent driver and instructions on how to get these errors fixed. Sorry if this has been posted before kinda new to the whole forum thing.

Also I think it's to do with the screen refresh rate. I think cause I don't have a subitible driver its only letting me use the default refresh rate.

Thanks. :D

Not lettin me upload screenshot :(
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Hello Paul,

Click Start > Run > type devmgmt.msc

When Device Manager opens look for any ? or ! beside the entries.

List the make/model of the PC.

Try to download the updated Driver from the manufacturer website or you can

download the latest Nvidia driver from their website.
I have a hp dv6615em from the dv6000 pavillion notebook series.
Things with a ! are : OHCI Compliant 1EEE 1394 Host Controller
NVIDIA Network Bus Enumerator
NVIDIA Network Bus Enumerator
Modem Device on High Definition Audio Bus.

Tried a few of the drivers from the nvidia website and none seem to be doing the job.



Also my display driver is showing VgaSave ? Why is this ?

Thanks if anyone helps me with a good solution :D
I keep a mountain of bookmarks for things I need to revisit later. Yours got buried a week ago (sorry!) Anyway I spotted it today so here I am.

Your model does have XP drivers.
Generally it's a good idea to try the manufacturer's drivers first (they may be specifically tweaked for their configuration).

Also, if you get laggy scrolling (or laggy anything), right-click your taskbar, look at task manager, and check the performance tab. If CPU usage is 100% look under the processes tab and look at what process is using up all the CPU power, then you can work from there.
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