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hello. im playing on a built pc, i will list specs below.
like the tittle says for about 2 months now i've been experiencing constant lag when i play games (Smite to be specific). the lag lasts for 4-5 seconds and it happens every 1-2 minutes. the ping is steady, some days 40-45, other days 65-70. but it stays the same during the lag and the smooth gameplay, but the FPS drops dramatically from over 120fps to 20-30fps. I have tried several suggestions from similar posts and nothing.
-tried unparking all 8 cores
-Got a new Router (TP-Link Archer C8)
-Switched to a wired Connection (over CAT5 ethernet cable)
-Re-seating Ram, Graphics Card and CPU with fresh Arctic Silver 5
-Reinstalled Nvidia Drivers
-Reinstalled Smite itself
-and i try to play with very little activity on my network, and very few thing running on computer

Windows 10
Asrock Extreme3 R2.0
AMD FX-8350
GTX 750Ti
8gb Ram
250gb SSD (game is installed here)
+3 other HDD

Network Speedtest at the time of writing this (3:00pm eastern time)
Ping = 12
Download = 28.46 Mbps
Upload = 5.13 Mbps

thats all the details i can think of right now, thanks in advance
edit: i checked the temperature of both the gpu and cpu, during the lag 66C for CPU and 49C for gpu

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Lag is typically a term used for network latency vs. having a FPS drop.

What you're describing as lag sounds like processor throttling. If the CPU goes over the recommended temp, it will throttle itself until it cools off. 66c is pretty hot, I'd look at your CPU cooling to start.

Are you using the stock cooler or aftermarket cooling?
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