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Lack of Right Audio Channel on AC97

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Hi all,

This is my first post so hi to everybody out there. I recently had to install a new motherboard into my computer (due to corrupted BIOS on the old one) which has a built in AC97 sound card. For some reason I only get the Left channel coming through. I've checked the BIOS and updated the drivers but it still ain't co-operating. Can anybody give me some help with this as I'm stumped.
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Oh yeah and my actual sound card is a VIA VT 1617 if that helps any
i have a few quick questions that will help us answer.

are you using the front audio header to connect the motherboard to the front sound sockets on your tower? (if it has them)

have you checked with more than one set of speakers? (headphones work fine to test)

have you made sure the speakers work, by plugging them into a walkman or something?

if you arent using the front header, check the manual, and it will show the header connection having some jumpers on it, for the default setting, this bypasses the front header, make sure these jumpers are placed correctly. you might find that one jumper is missing or not in the correct place.
Sorry Waltside I'm new to this hardware game. To answer your questions I've checked with a new set of speakers. If I understand you correctly I'm running my speakers from the back of the tower and looked in the motherboards manual to check that I wasn't being a complete fool and missing some jumper. I've also tried re-installing the drivers which made no difference. Thanks.
well, what i meant was that from the factory, there is usually a set of jumpers that are connected to the front panel header, and sometimes, jumpers aren't there, even right out of the box.

it is possible that your board's sound card has an output that has failed.

output chips burn out all the time.

can you return it?
Thanks for the help anyway I appreciate the effort
well, if you want to give up already, that's fine.

if we can help further, feel free to let us know.
No mic

I have a similar issue with my front panel audio header. the 9 pin audio connector on the motherboard has the following pin connections labled:


However the two leads from the front of the case each have 4 wires with the following lables and colors.

Bundle 1: GND (black), LIN (Red), MIC BIAS (White), L OUT (GREEN)
Bundle 2: MIC IN (White), RIN (Red), R OUT (Green), GND (Black)

Since the lables don't match and the manual is no help, I'm not sure what leads to connect to what pins.

Can anyone help? Someone else mentioned to me the issue was the leads are using the AC '97 variation but my motherboard is using the new coding for Intel. This might be true, but it still didn't tell me what to connect to what.
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