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I know there are a couple of threads out there about this but nothing very detailed. I have checked YouTube, official websites, and checked pricing. I am looking for something kind of special and I am not sure if it exists. It may not.

What I want is something like Idrive with an Amazon Photos flare to it. I want to backup everything I have to the cloud and then be able to share it with ease. i.e. picture or video. (not necessarly need an account to view the file, however this is not a deal breaker) I also want decent speeds and for everything to not run like a turtle.

I have heard that Idrive is great however, they are slow? Is this true? I like Amazon Photos, free unlimited photo storage if you have prime. However, for non-photos i.e. videos and other storage concerns their "cloud storage" can get expensive fast.

Anyone found the perfect solution?

-great pricing, however not too worried about this
-incredible sharing capabilities
-updated designed, doesn't feel like I'm in the 90's when using the software
-please fill me in on other great benefits not listed here if needed

P.S. I have (8) 8TB drives I will already be backing up everything to locally (copied twice). However, I want cloud storage in case house burns down.

Look forward to hearing all of the solutions!


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Wow, you do know that 64TB rack servers start in the tens of thousands of dollars. Hang on a sec ...

Here's one place that'll let you use one of theirs (in the cloud) starting at $699 per month:

Note that I do not know anything about this place. I simply found one via Google.
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