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This problem is fairly recent, I just re-formatted my hard drive yesterday after some serious malfunctions, (couldn't even get Windows to boot up), and now all works fine but now my Numlock no-longer activates when I try to turn it only a couple keys on the right-side of my keyboard even work anymore, (just the R-arrow key, + on the numpad and Scroll lock remain functional) really weird why that would happen, My biggest concern is why can't i turn numlock on or off, I can hit the key right now but nothing happens, no light indicator turns on either... I've tried to modify Registry key "KeyboadIndicators" setting the value to 2, but it won't save and reverts to 0 again each reboot.

I've tried Microsofts oh so helpful advice by running a .vbs script: set WshShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
WshShell.SendKeys "{NUMLOCK}"

I made with notepad and pasted it into startup folder, nothing there either.

I removed spybot alltogether as it was causing conflicts with my anti-virus anyway, other than that I can't think of/find any other solutions than those so far as I've researched it. Funny think is right as my computer goes to windows logo upon booting up i see it is on, after 10 or so seconds all three lights flash once together and it's turned off again and no way to activate it. I really need my numlock/pad to work again as i use it frequently.... My OS is Windows XP Home and my keyboard model is HP Pavilion Model #: 5107

I've never had this problem before the re-format and I did re-install the keyboard driver from HP's website again, everything else works fine just..not the Rights side of my keyboard, (except 3 keys...) I don't think I've done anything to damage the hardware of it.

Any ideas?
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