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Keyboard Issues XPP IE7

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Three days ago I started having typing issues.
I did all the checks and AV-Spyware scans etc.
I put in a new mouse and keyboard- USB and standard pp. ( 2 sets)
Now I have a new (pp) keyboard and USB mouse- Logitech with their software.
PROBLEM- I can type maybe 8-10 words- then I hear a beep or nothing and can only type more when I click the mouse. And then its the same all over again.
Anybody have an ideas on maybe a bad setting or ????????????
Thank You
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first check your device manager for any conflict alerts.
control panel>system>hardware>device manager>click "view" then click "show hidden devices"
remove any conflicts
then uninstall the logitech software and reinstall it

I just did so now- thanks
Still no luck- nothing was found.
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