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Keyboard and Cd drive problem

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hi i used to have this thing that made my eject button on my keyboard work. it came under aboard.exe in msconfig. but ive lost it after wiping my pc

ive got a packard bell iextreme pc serial number 030202320325

if anyone can help id be extremely greatful

p.s sorry if this doesnt constitute xp but i didnt know which forum to put it in
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aboard.exe is a process belonging to Activboard Application

It should be loacted in c:\apps\aboard

The file aosd.exe manages the onscreen display for the active keyboard controls, it along with aboard.exe should have been preinstalled on your Packard Bell computer.

What software did you use to reinstall the operating system? Did the system come with any restore/recovery cds? Those would be on those cds
i just formatted it with windows xp disc.

is there anywhere i could download aboard?
Do you have the Fiji multimedia keyboard?

Look here

That may not be for your system and may cause issues if you download it. While you are on that site look for your make/model of your computer and get the motherboard drivers installed also.
dont think so, mines white
Did you search for the appropriate one like I suggested?
yeh i installed the motherboard drivers a quaser but theres nothing about the keyboard!

Didnt your computer come with recovery/restore software? There may have been a partition on the drive that contained your recovery.
there was but i wiped the drive completely.

surely this aboard thing isnt that hard to track down!
wasnt sure how to so i did it the easy way [or was it!]

thats not the one either, i had a look on the keyboard and the model number is 9205 if that helps?

thank you
Did you try installing the software and it did not work? That software will work on different keyboards.
yeh non of them are my type, any suggestions?
Im sorry I have no other suggestions. You might want to contact the manufacturer of either your computer or keyboard (which they prob are one in the same) and ask if they have software they could either send you on cd or where you could d/l for your particular model/make.

Good luck
will do, thanks for your help x
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