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Kernel Data Inpage Error-help?

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I purchased a re-furbished Gateway desktop FX6840 from tiger direct.
there has been some issues, but for the most part it works very good.
the price was right too.

to make a long story short, when the computer comes out from being in hybernation for a while, it sometimes crashes and give me the following warning on startup:

ther is a lot on the blue page but it basically says
"Kernel Data Inpage Error"
then the computer starts again and works fine until the next time it does the same thing.

I am running Windows 7 home premium (64).
the spects for the computer are here:
Buy the Gateway FX6840-03e Refurbished Desktop PC at

and from Gateway are here:
Gateway Support - Downloads & Support Documents - Desktop / FX Series / FX6840

I have searched the problem and a few other people have suggested checking disks....etc. I did disk check and all my drives were fine. i have not checked my hard dries or memory, but looking into the Bios at the gateway link above shows the following solution in one of the bios updates. i downloaded the bios update, but have no idea how to install it.

is this a bios issue? can someone help me solve this problem?

looking at the readme in the bios package i dont' see Windows 7 as being supported.
also- if i'm udating the bios, do i just run the most recent update, or do i pick the one that has the specific solution i need.

I am not familiar with this stuff. you help is much appreciated.
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In the device manager are there any drivers not installed? You may be missing the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) driver which would cause such an issue. You can also go into Control Panel/Power Options and click Change when the computer sleeps/then use the put the computer to sleep drop down and change it to never.
I suggested that merly as a temp solution because if it keeps crashing it can cause other damage. I usually don't recommend any user to update BIOS cause if done wrong your computer will be a huge paper weight. Anyways there are instructions in the zipped file called readme doc, that explains how to do it. DO NOT USE THE WINDOWS UPDATE program. Use the DOS method. You will need a bootable disk with the BIOS update on it and go to a DOS prompt and follow the instructions for IN DOS MODE on page 2.
If you have warranty then expalin whats happening to the computer and there's a BIOS update that addresses wake up. I believe that would fix your issue! Let them fix it and then if it goes wrong it becomes their problem.
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