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About five days ago, I started up my computer but it never completed the task, instead i got a message "iertutil.dll not found". I downloaded the file and opened it but now I get a different message "the ordinal 681 could not be located in the dynamic link library iertutil.dll". I have since download " Fixer" and a few others that say I can fix it in three easy steps!? Normally I'll try [trust] something once or twice but I've been at this for days, with no results. One reply suggested I open the start button [No start button comming up on screen]and update. I have since encountered "dwwin.exe - unable to locate component", "error loading newdev.dll", and various other [WININET.dll, vprot.exe] terms I don't understand. I am 55 and a bit of a techno peasant, Please help. Thank you!
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The first thing to do is copy any data you cherish to an external dri ve or CD . .

You can take the drive out and temporarily attach it to a working pc to salvage the data.

Hard Drive Recovery Tutorial - How To Slave A Hard Drive

You may have to take ownership of the files first: How to take ownership of a file or a folder in Windows XP

. . or, You can use an adaptor like this: or an external enclosure like this.

or, you could use Ubuntu - this would eliminate the need to physically remove the Hard Drive.

You can get it from here: Download | Ubuntu

Step #2 on that page shows you how to create the USB/CD.

Once you boot into Ubuntu, (choose the option where it runs off the USB/CD) you can use it to copy your files from the Windows Partition to an external hard drive (Note: Do not copy anything to the Ubuntu Filesystem as it will not be saved on shut-down)

then, run diagnostics on the hard drive by downloading the diagnostic tool for the hard drive brand and making a bootable disc.

Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities (Storage) - TACKtech Corp.

See this for how to make a bootable cd:
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