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keeping internet connection active

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Can you recomment a software program that will fool my browser into thinking I am using my mouse or will reconnect me bact to the internet?

When I am doing an overnight download my browser disconnects after several hours due to "inactivity". My download is always aborted because of did.

Thanks again.

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If you're using a Dial-Up connection to the Internet, go -> [Start] -> [Settings] -> [Control Panel] -> [Modems], since I haven't used anything but a cable in a couple of years I don't remember with [Tab] in the [Modems] dialog box its on but try them if you have to. Your looking for a [Check Box] titled "Disconnect If No activity in xx Minutes". Click on the [Check Box] to clear it.

If the box is not checked look for the connection that you use and check for a similar setting.

If neither of these work let us know and I'm sure one of our Pro's will come up with a better solution but if you're using a regular Modem one or both of the above should work.

twas:D :D :D
Sometimes your ISP will dump you after X minutes if they don't see activity. (eventhough a download seems as if it should constitute activity). If this is the case they have several programs you can download to keep it alive- but ICQ works just fine. I used it for 3 years at work to keep from getting 20 calls daily "can you connect to the internet so I can get my e-mail?" My computer was the net server since I was the only one at the time that could configure the proxy settings.
inactive internet

Under my modem and internet options the box mentioned was not checked. So the problem was not there. It is I believe as Heathen mentioned, my ISP is not recognizing a download as "activity".

I did check out the two links Heathen but they are not designed to fool the ISP server. Although accelerating the download maybe of some help; since I am downloading overnight without any mouse movement I am having to continuously having to resume my downloads.

I had found a program a few months ago that claimed it would dial me back up to the internet but the program had reeked havoc with my computer and I uninstalled it (can't remember the name of the program.}

Also, I am using a modem. Jamman I'm not sure what ICQ is, I thought that was an instant messenger service?

I vaguely can remember it...........:winkgrin:

But when I was on dialup I had the two little monitor icons in the systray and while you were downloading they would flash on and off while downloading. This was good to watch internet activity.

Now I'm on cable and I use Zonealarm which does basically the same thing.

But even while using cable a download will stop sometime for a period of time for unknown reasons, I wonder if this could be what is happening to you.

There used to be a program that would ping the isp every minute or so to tell it you were online, I'll see if I can find it.
OK try this and see if it helps you.......:D
Jamman I'm not sure what ICQ is, I thought that was an instant messenger service?
Hey you are right! But it also checks every so often for an incoming connection; which will keep your dial up alive. It is also an awesome PM machine and a decent P2P tool also. I think Speedo would dis agree, but I love it.
Different strokes for different folks...........................:clap:
The trick with download accelerator, which I'm guessing was one of Heathen's links is it allows you to resume the download if you get kicked or whatever, plus it actually works pretty well.

BTW ICQ stands for I seek you, and yeah it's a good chat program, if your not too worried about other users(home users) stealing your password Trillian is pretty good too... it is a program that combines all the the chat programs to date into one program so you can still use your old accounts and stuff.
Alright Speedo,

I went and downloaded AC-plug which is supposed to dial you back on the internet and it almost does. The dial-up connection box pops up to redial but doesn't because it wants me to type in my password. And even though I do and tell it to save the password, it never saves it never dials up cause the password is missing .

Jamman are you saying that ICQ will fool my ISP?

Valiant are you saying that Trillian will do the same thing?

Any more suggestions on how to fool my ISP?

Thanks again. Inbliss

P.S. How do you do that, you know you say go here and here takes you to a link.
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