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Just wanted to confirm something

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I've been having some video issues with my computer, before I found this forum, I thought it was the video card so I replaced it. When that didn't work I sent my monitor back to ASUS and they said they performed a "repair" and sent it back to me. Finally, after having found the forum here, and browsing the video t/s section and seeing that what I was dealing with was most likely a bus artifcat, I downloaded intel's latest chipset update for my mobo, and installed it.

Am I correct in assessing that if I continue to have an issue I will have no choice but to replace my motherboard? I built the machine myself so unless intel is going to help me out I'm on my own for a new board purchase :) I also neglected to take any screenshots of the issue to share with you as I didn't think about it at the time.
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Could you explain what video problems you had?
Sure no problem. Basically while the computer is running I will start to see blue vertical lines, and yellow horizontal lines on the monitor. It looks very similar to the bus artifact described in the video troubleshooting section. 9 times out of 10 shutting the computer off and turning it back on solves the problem for awhile, but it has always come back. It's been happening for about 3 weeks now. I have had all the components for about a year with the exception of the monitor and the video card.

I have updated all the relevant drivers, and as I mentioned above I have replaced the video card, had the monitor looked at by ASUS, and replaced the DVI cable as well. The motherboard is an Intel BOXDP965LTCK running an Intel Core 2 Duo 2.13GHZ processor, the graphics card is an BFG Tech Nvidia 8500GT, and the monitor is an ASUS VW222 22in widescreen monitor.
Yes , usually when you see lines and colors like that its the card overheating or being underpowered. I've also seen it corrected by using omega drivers.

If you've already tried omega driver then check what psu is in the system. If you have a low quality or a "free with the case" power supply that could be the cause. Also do you have another monitor you can try?
I'm not familiar with the term omega driver, could you explain that one to me briefly? The PSU is a thermaltake and I want to say it's a 400 or 450w PSU but I'll have to open the case to confirm it.

Don't have another monitor on me at this time, and don't really have access to another system to test it on.

The system temps according to speedfan are HO0: 29C Core0: 32C Core1: 33C Core(which I believe it the Nvidia card) 54C Ambient 0C

I do have an aftermarket VGA cooler on order for the Nvidia card as well.
I think an omega driver is a tweaked version of a driver thats available . But I've never had to use omega drivers. But others have and say they fix comon problems.

But definitely try another monitor , take it to a friends house if you have to. You have to eliminate it as a possibility. And you won't really need an after market cooler for and 8500 unless your in a very warm climate.
I'll have to see what I can do about testing out the monitor.

As far as the cooling goes...I'm in West does get on average about 95 degrees here during the day at the moment, and lately it's been 100-102.
Update: I ran out of options for finding a test platform so I took the tower and monitor in to Geek Squad and let them run diagnostics on the system.

They told me that the video card was bad, and since I'd bought it from Best Buy in the first place they let me exchange it. I brought it home, installed the new card, and surprise surprise...I'm still having issues.

Surely this is not another bad card...(it's the third one I've had in the system counting the one that was originally installed) could the PCI slot on the motherboard or the motherboard chipset be causing my problems?
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