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just like everyone else loosing internet connection

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for some reason i keep loosing my internet connection,it can last from 2 minutes to 2 hours but i am always getting discoed.the only way i can get back on is to unplug the modem or reboot the desktop and it doesnt happen to my wireless laptops
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I can't imagine why unplugging the modem would fix it if the wireless laptops don't have the issue.

This sounds like an issue with the machine. First stop, change the port on the router, and also try a new cable.
how do i change ports? comp illeterate...already changed my ethernet cord i use comcast netgear wireless cable modem from gateway...i have 2 wireless laptops and i hard wired laptop along with my pc and only the hard wired lapper and my pc are the only 1's loosing internet connection .and its a new modem only 2 weeks old
Once again, if the laptops work 100% and are connected through the same modem, it's not the modem. I think you have to stop worrying about the modem and try to attack some of the possible issues. :smile:

I'm talking about changing the jack you're using on the broadband router.

Have you done a virus/malware scan? How about posting a HijackThis log for us to look at?
my modem has 4 places i can plug in my ethernet cord i doubt all 4 plugs are bad.the only comps that used ethernet cords to the modem are loosing connections.i have ran hjt and had my logs looked at and they are clean
OK, your "modem" is actually a router. How about we start with the make/model of the router.
ok john i have a netgear wireless cable modem says modem on it... gateway cg814wg v2
Start by checking for firmware updates for your Modem/Router.

Also check for driver updates for the desktop machines Network Interface. If the NIC is an Intel, it most likely needs an update.

Run a Windows update, choose Custom and look for specific hardware updates for the NIC card. I would suggest installing all hardware updates found under the Windows Custom Update.

Looks like you need to check with someone other than Netgear for firmware updates on your device!!

Might be better to purchase a Motorola SB5120 and get a separate router??

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