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jumper settings

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I am trying to get an AMD 386 DX/DXL with what appears to be a game card , to start up. When I turn it on, the system lights come on and beeps 3 times repeatedly. there is no signal to the monitor.
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If you can't hook up a keyboard, how exactly are you planning on using this computer? :confused:
well i suggest you plug your keyboard and mouse first, along with all other hardwares to the motherboard... becuz there are basic commands that are built-in in the CMOS... and they mite be helpful... that's wut i'm thinking...
You can't do nothing with out a keyboard & a mouse, there has to be a place where you plug them in. Do as much reseach as you can about the parts you have, and go from there.
keyboard/mouse are plugged

When I turn the system on ,the system lights come on,I still get no signal to the monitor, and it beeps continuously with a pause after every 3rd beep. Any pictures of what its supposed to look like would be helpfull.
Thanks for your patients
Depending on the system, it could be complaining about the lack of a keyboard! In a system that old, I suspect that you have a larger 5 pin DIN connector for the keyboard. If so, you can buy an adapter to connect a PS/2 keyboard to the machine.
AMD's Beep code

3 short beeps - Ram failure.

More on AMD's beep codes:

386's had a Keyboard connector about the size of a quarter, located in the middle of the chassis, a connector was mounted on the motherboard.

Mouse was usually attached to a serial port.
And since I throw away better motherboards, I'm not sure what the purpose of attempting to get this one to run is! :rolleyes: :winking:
AM386 DX/DXL-40

This board has the processor chip installed, but there is another area that is missing a chip. It is marked WT3167,is lettered A thru N
horizontilly, and 1 thru 13 vertically. There is also an area next to it that a chip missing, but this is tiny, with 5 holes on each side.
Its marked DSC1. They are both next to the J8 jumper. This is the same computer that beeps 3 times repeatedly, no signal to the monitor.
I think you're swimming against the current if you can't locate some doc's on the MB. :)
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