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Java Install & its folder permissions

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When I install the latest java the setup creates the folder but the permisisons set on the folder is automatically denied (or empty with no "allow" settings). You can view this by right clicking on folder - properties - security tab and the allow check boxes are empty (unchecked). As a result, the isntall is unable to write files to the folder giving a 1722 error. Does anyone know a way to circumvent this bug? Thank you.
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Well..after 11 long ardious months of not getting any useful help or answer from anyone and trying to figure out how to resolve this annoying problem ---- i finally did it. The "installer" dir under "WINNT" dir didn't have the proper rights assigned -- in fact it had no rights, users or owners assinged to it so no one, not even me, could acess it. Ultimately, any and all programs that used the windows installer could not install itself or uninstall properly due to that problem. Out of all the problems/solutions/situations of other people/links/resoures that I searched on the net not one had a reasonable solution. In fact all the solutions out there was the same: install the offline version of the java installation file, or uninstall the previous version then install the latest update. All tunnel visions my goodness. Not even one mentioned about permissions or anything. I finnaly kicked the "error 1722's A$$!

Here it is for future reference if anyone ends up here on their endeavor of searching to solve this encountering problem.

Internal Error 2755. 1632 setup fails

This problem occurs when the following conditions are all true:

You install on a Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 or Microsoft Windows 2000.


The WinNT folder is located on an NTFS partition.


You have a folder called Installer under the WinNT folder, and you do not have full access permissions to the Installer folder.

To resolve this problem, change the permissions on the Installer folder to:

Everyone - Read (RX)
Administrators - FullControl
SYSTEM - FullControl

The installer folder is a protected folder. To change perms you will have to go to:
Windows Explorer - Tools - Folder Options - Select View.
Un-check: Hide protected Operating System Files.
The Installer folder is now visible under \Winnt
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