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It should be an easy fix

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Hey guys.
My kitten climbed on my keyboard yesterday and now the screen resolution is slightly off. Not a whole lot, but things are just a bit bigger, a bit grainy, and windows that are supposed to be square are rectangular. It's not a big deal, but it's making the photo editing that I have to do annoying.

I'm using a Toshiba Tecra M-7 convertible, running xp for tablet pc, I have service pack 2, do NOT have 3 and cannot get it at the moment as I need a new ac adapter and the update won't install if the laptop is not on ac power.

I'm pretty sure that the kitten hit a previously unknown (to me) keyboard shortcut so to be as specific as possible, she was heading up the left side of the keyboard and certainly had her paw on the area of the ctrl, fn, alt, tilde keys. I didn't really see where her next step took her, because I was too busy disengaging her claws from the keys. This keyboard does not have a right hand ctrl key, and she is not large enough to reach the ctrl and + button at the same time anyway, but I have fussed with the ctrl & +/- setting with no effect (other than the expected one). I normally keep the display settings to 1024 x 768 and if I change them to 1440 x 900 everything is better, but the proportions are still off, and everything is wee tiny. Other settings mean I would have to scroll the desk top, or tolerate a display that resemble a throwback to win95. I've also tried alt/ctrl/alt+ctrl and tapping random keys in the area she was walking but haven't been able to illicit a response.

Anyone got a clue, cause I don't. :4-dontkno

thanks! :)
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The router hiccuped when i went to post, so please excuse the second post. :sigh:
Have you tried adjusting the display back using the display properties?
Yes. That's the only way I know how to switch the display settings, through the display properties window. Sorry, I should probably have put that in my original post. :smile:
Is there any chance you could take a screenshot of your desktop so we can see what exactly you mean?
Sure, I've uploaded one that I took of my desktop. You may need to open it with photoshop, maximize the window and set the view to fit on screen, otherwise it may distort. I left it full size to make it easier to view details, such as the icons for the .pdf files (one is named blue bayou) used to be tall rectangles, now they are squares, the files named studyguide23 and studyguide25 were tall rectangles with round foxfire logos, now the logos are ovals and the rectangles are square. The icon for kav7...and pd414 used to be square, now they're rectangles.

I am somewhat concerned that you may not be able to see the disproportional properties, because I opened the file on a desktop and a different laptop, with varying degrees of success, each one looked the closest when set to the same 1024x768 display setting.

Thank you for your time, I do appreciate your assistance!
I'll be back in a while, but at the moment i need to :burger:


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Well as you thought, the distortion does not show up very well on my side.

The only place I can think to look is under your display properties.

Right click your Desktop > Properties > Appearance (tab) > Advanced > Drop down the box under Item and select Icon. You can adjust the size of the icon from there...I don't know of any way the cat would be able to adjust that through the keyboard, but I don't know everything.
"...but I don't know everything." and why not? ;)

I was afraid that you wouldn't be able to see it. I think it is a physical setting on the computer rather than something that's changing the files, so the files will look normal on a different computer.

I remember a window popped up and disappeared while I was removing her claws from the keyboard, but I had the computer muted so I didn't hear anything and I didn't get a chance to look at it before it was gone. I do wonder if she somehow managed to activate some of the accessibility options for the visually impaired or something similar, is there a way to check that?

Through your Control Panel, it is listed as Accessibility Options, and there are more options typically under your Start Menu > All Programs > Accessories > Accessibility.
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