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I have a co-op job and its IT, so I just got the email on the tasks that I am to complete in the time that I am there. For the most part I understand most of them, Though some of them I am kind of shaky on. I was wondering if anybody could give me a description on these jobs so that it will help me not get fired and do a good job. I am willing to learn from anybody, so please, please help. Heres my list:

Server Installation Instructions (Sharepoint)
Consolidation of old/new Password web sites (Sharepoint)
FTP/StorageTeck Instructions (Sharepoint)
Cable Management Project
Rack New Servers
Functional Server Diagrams (Sharepoint)

Now that list I am not to sure on a lot of things. I don't even know what Sharepoint is. I done a few server installations and racked new servers. I don't know what Function Server Diagrams is though, nor FTP/StorageTech Instructions and the cable project...well you guys wouldn't know that I guess but anyway I'm kind of having a hard time with them. I know it probably sounds dumb but I really could use some guidance here. Thank you and I really do appreciate the help. I REALLY need it.
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