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Issues with Lenovo Y50 screen

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I have a weird problem with my Lenovo Y50.
After I bought it I changed the HDD to SSD (Samsung 850 pro if it matters), a few weeks, maybe a month, after I bought the laptop my screen started to flickering black screen, it got worse and worse so I want to send it to Lenovos lab for a repair.
I replaced the SSD to the original HDD, so the lab would hopefully accept to repair it, and the screen havent flickered even once since then (about 3 hours), before that the screen flickered from the moment I woke it.
Its extremely weird for me because I was sure it was a GPU problem, maybe the connection or something, but the problem has stopped for now.
Could it be that the SSD did that?
BTW the screen didnt flickered durning games, only when I was using it for work or the web.

Sorry for the long post and thank you
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Hi and Welcome to TSF!

Unlikely the SSD was the problem, but remember, they could have opened it up and reconnected a cable or something while they had it.
I know its very unlikely but I changed the SSD to the old HDD back and I didn't touch any cable or something inside other than the HDD
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