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Issues with Geforce6200 graphics card

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Ok im building this comp for a friend and everything went well specs are:

Windows XP pro service pack2
200GB HD
and of course nividia Geforce 6200

I installed everything bar the graphics card and everything was fine, good dvd playback but when i installed the drivers for the card (version77.77) the dvd playback went down hill, i can hear the sound for the dvd but the screen is blank. I went through these instructions:

1) Go to the NVIDIA control panel
2) Go to the "Color Correction" page
3) Set "Apply color changes to:" to "All"
4) Set "Color Profile:" to "Advanced mode"
5) Click "Restore Defaults"
6) Click "Apply"

and when i played the dvd it was fine, but i turned the comp off then on again and the setting above had changed and since then i have to go through the above evertime i want to watch a dvd and that cant be right, i also downloaded version 71.89 but it wont let me install it.

Any ideas guys
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is their a checkbox on apply settings at startup anywhere? i know theirs one on the overclocking page, but u gotta add that on your own through the registry.
Google for a program called Detonator Destroyer and uninstall. Install the latest (77.77 if I remember right) and that should clean things up.
Ok guys, i uninstalled and reinstalled, i tried to use that program but it didnt find any drivers in the system, the version of driver i got with the card was 77.77, still no luck tho, anyone else got any ideas the poor boy really needs his computer
One thing you might try is installing CoolBits 2. I've heard claims (I can't test them myself) that this will allow you to do the "video fix" just once and have it stick. CoolBits 2 is actually a registry hack that turns on a bunch of hidden NVIDIA control panels including refresh rate settings, overclocking, etc.

The other thing you could try is uninstalling your existing display drivers and then use DriverCleaner to thoroughly get rid of your old drivers. DriverCleaner is a good "cleaner" to use because it's constantly updated to know where all the latest driver stuff is hiding. There are thorough uninstallation and DriverCleaner instructions here. Once it's cleaned out you should be able to try some older drivers from before this video problem reared its ugly head. You could also try some new beta drivers at
Even with CoolBits I had to manually set the corrections every time. After getting the 77.77 drivers everything was fine.
Ive tried 77.77, 77.76, driver cleaner. It still comes up with the black screen, it wouldnt be anything to do with the fact i have a lcd flatscreen monitor would it?? I just cant work it out, i can hear the sound and everything but the screen is just a black/dark purple screen of nothing. Any other ideas guys?
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