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Issue with RAM. (Moved from XP)

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Last summer I bought an extra 1Gb RAM from Crucial in order to speed up my computer. Until recently it worked like a charm, but 3 weeks ago I started to notice my computer slowed down considerably. At first I thought it was due to lack of hard-drive space, but had no time to correct this until today. After clearing and defragging the hard-drive, there was no discernible change in speed.

I looked about on the internet, and saw that doing a registry check could sort out speed issues (although by this time I already suspected the RAM was at fault), so I performed this diagnostic using Reg Cure, all to no avail.

I then performed the usual memtest, booting from a CD I burned using cdburn.exe (incidently when I was writing the file to cd using cdburn, it could not synchronize cache fully, saying error-rejecting/ejecting, or something like that. I didn't think this would be a problem, and when the CD worked I assumed it didn't). The test kept on shutting down before completion. After this occurred a few times, it finally returned an error message saying something about Error found, max 30 min 30 average 30, before I had to turn it off. I checked this and rechecked this and each time it occurred during the 2nd or 3rd tests.

I then removed the memory I had put in last summer, and tested it again. This time it reached test 7 or 8 before shutting down.

The computer still works fine, it is just unbearably slow in starting up, turning off and everything in between. Any suggestions??

Also I read a thread which seemed to have a similar problem, and was eventually solved by cleaning the fan, but I have no clue how to perform a procedure like that!

Compaq nx8220
Intel Centrino
ATI X-something 64mb Graphics
1.3Gb RAM (1Gb from Crucial, 256mb from the original computer)

Thanks for any help!
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Re: Issue with RAM.

Running a registry clean up and clearing out the disk using Disk Cleanup helps.
Did you buy RegCure? It only cleans up 60 files or so then stops working, so no change in speed will happen.
Re: Issue with RAM.

Perhaps you should try with a new copy of Memtest. It's possible you have a bad copy of memtest now (maybe that problem with the burning process), and a spyware/virus infection. If you want, I can move this thread over to our hardware section where they might know a bit more about Memtest.
Re: Issue with RAM.

Yeah that would be great elf, thanks. Also I had a copy of reg cure from when I had to clear up my desktop so I used that. I'm fairly certain I don't have a virus since I keep my norton up-to-date. Thanks anyway!
if your ram shows error the only fix is to return the ram stick to the manufacturer for replacment

BTW: I would not mess with any registry cleaners ........ they tend to either do nothing or trash windows >>>>>> you take your pick
I thought I would have to, but is it normal or unusual for my computer to shutdown repeatedly whilst performing the Memory or Hard-drive test? I don't mind so much replacing the RAM, but having my computer behave like that did make me worry that the RAM isn't the only problem..
Crucial have offered me a replacement module now, but I'm a bit worried because when I removed the chip, and tried the memtest it still happened, only not as frequently, and it passed more of the memory tests before it happened.

I can't remove the other chip as it is embedded somewhere in the depths of my laptop... Which means if it is that chip, I'll have to send the whole computer back at a price to Compaq...

Anyway, Thanks for your help, I'm just moaning now! Pete
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