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Hello, everyone, since I am slowly running out of options, I am desperately turning to you.

While trying to play Battlefield 4, Battlefield 1 or Battlefield V (all Electronic Arts games) I encounter errors connecting to the EA game servers. This issue occurs over several games and also several devices (tested on PC, PS4 and PS5). The problem occurs over LAN as well as over WLAN.
From this I conclude that there must be a problem with the router (?!).
Specifically, not much is happening -> The connection to the server is attempted, breaks off after a few seconds with the error message "The connection to the EA Game Server cannot be established, make sure your internet speed is sufficient". Spoiler: Internet speed is fine.
Device: 6591 Provider: Vodafone Germany
  • I've already tried the following:
  • - To Google
  • - Restart the router
  • - contacting provider and asking for help (they cant/ dont want to)
  • - Telephone call with AVM Support (they couldnt help me aswell)
  • - open specific ports required by Battlefield (did not help so I deleted the port releases again)
  • - Reset Fritzbox
  • - Adjust Windows firewall
While Googling and testing, I came across a solution approach from a user who recommended activating the independent port sharing.
So i tried this option and it works (sometimes..).
Here I noticed that I usually get the games to run under the following scenario

  1. Open the page
  2. 2. Deactivate independent port sharing
  3. 3. Router via the "Reconnect" menu
  4. 4. Activate independent port sharing again
With a bit of luck it will work for a day after 1-3 attempts to connect.
When I get home tonight, however, I would have to repeat this process again.
When I successfully connect to the servers, I can see that port 3659 is released via UDP.
Do you have any ideas on the subject? I have a reasonably working workaround, but this issue is annoying the crap out of me.

I would be very grateful for your help and advice!
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