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I am looking to replace a connector for my Burnham Series 2 (model B) natural gas boiler. The boiler's model number is 207NSL-TEI2 and the serial number is 64213540.

The symptom is that the boiler will randomly turn off every few weeks. I can turn the boiler back on by un-clipping and re-clipping the plastic connector shown in the photos. The working hypothesis is that the wires have become loose and need to be reattached. My repair guy agrees with this diagnosis.

I have the following part numbers (via US Boiler) for the gas valve P/N 81660278 and harness P/N 8131711. The former costs $400. The latter cannot be purchased through US Boiler.

It's a $1 part. I have a licensed contractor to install the part. I'm just offended that the company is trying to force me to buy another $400 part to replace a ten cent fault.

Please help?


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