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I have Norton's Perssonal Firewall and I just got a message from it that " A remote system is attempting to access Isass.exe on your computer."
This has never happened before, should i allow it to access Isass.exe or block it?
thanks so much
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A remote service should never be allowed to connect unless you are hosting a server or P2P file sharing service. The whole point of the firewall is to stop such accesses! :rolleyes:
Hello Tenna, welcome to the forums !

Here is FYI on your issue:

lsass=Local Security Authority Sub System. This is a part of RPC=Remote Procedure Call. Simply, RPC is a protocol that some programs use to communicate with other programs / PC's on a network, without a hassle of knowing network details.

P.S., I've moved your thread here because its more of a security issue....

Re: Isass.exe?

Ok I blocked it right?, thanks so much for your help
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