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is this even possible

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well, my windows is totaly ****** on my second hard drive...i still have all my files intact tho.

My question is, i have a program i use for work, called Mitchell Ondemand5 manager

its currently installed on the second hard drive, how can i copy the files over to this hard drive and have the program work? I dont have the install cd, thats why this is such a pain in the ***..

so is it possible to bring over files from an already installed app, and make it work without RE installing it?

thanks for any help
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If there is, it would be incredibly complicated. Most programs make entries into a database known as the registry. To find all of the entries that this program has made into the registry and copy them over would take an eternity. Your best bet is to either buy a new copy, or get an install CD from someone.

good luck.
in certain circumstances you can copy one file or entire directory to another computer without having to re-install the app...........although for most you do. check the folder an see if it has a registry key in there, if it does you may be in luck you can transfer over an the register the key on the new comp ( may or may not work )
hey everyone, thanks for the response

yea, there was a reg entry in there, i checked out the code, it was just a few i imported it luck

i tried to get the reg entries from the reg on the old hd, no luck on that

were working on finding a install cd, but its a rare program to find..any other sug?
I hope you can retrieve Mitchell On Demand, as that is not a cheap program.
You can try just making a shortcut key to the .exe that starts the program on the other drive. If it is like Jasc paint shop pro, it might work even tho you don't have the registry entries. However, expect some minor problems even if it does work. I've tried this with several different programs with some success, but usually it doesn't work.

A lot of software manufactuers put registry keys in the registry in Hex so they cannot be easily identified. Without contacting the manufacturer and getting a list of the registry entries the install makes, this is damn near impossible to do. And getting the registry entries from a manufacturer is nearly impossible to get unless you are related to the owner.
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