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Is this a PSU problem?

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Hi guys

I have been having a little problem for a few weeks. Every now and again my PC has been freezing for a few seconds at a time. I had formatted and installed a fresh copy of windows maybe a week or so before this started to happen so i assumed that this is likely to be a hardware issue (i had a PC overheating a few years ago and it did a similar thing)

Before opening it up i tested my hdd with seatools and tested my RAM with ultimate boot and they both passed. ASUS probe tells me that my CPU temperature is fine too.

I opened her up to check the CPU cooler and to remove any dust as i thought it could be possible that this might be affecting the fan. There was a little bit but not really much at all. I started her up with the side panel still removed and all seemed fine again. When i replaced the panel the problem returned. I've been using it without the side panel on without any issue for a while but the problem has started to resurface.

All the components are about 2 years old except for the case and PSU that I got from a mate as I didn't have much cash to spare at the time. It looks like a nasty £10-15 jobbie so probably not much cop.

Does this sound like a PSU problem to anyone? Or any other possible problem?

I have been thinking of upgrading my system so if anyone could recommend a decent PSU I'd be happy to hear any ideas. I would be thinking of spending about £100 for a PSU and a case. Would be looking at keeping the m/board and CPU cost as close to £200 as possible. Have been looking at the intel i3 maybe stretch to an i5 with an asus board

Thanks in advance
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If we had the specs of your machine including the video card and the brand name and wattage of the power supply, that might help us to know what might be the issue.
Sorry. thought i had this info down already

Asus M2N-VM DVI m/board, AMD Athlon 64x2 4200+ (2.2GHz), 2Gb RAM (generic), ATI Radeon Sapphire X1950GT, M audio 2496.


win xp sp3
You have a very low quality PSU. That could certainly be your problem.
Almost all PSU's included with a case will be low quality to junk.
SeaSonic & Corsair are top quality units and are highly recommended.
Thanks Tyree. I suspected as much. I'll have a look at some now

What sort of power should I be looking at? Will 550W be enough? I have a brief spec above that I am considering for my new system. I expect I'll be getting about 4Gb RAM. Not sure about video card yet. probably use the sapphire for the time being but will probably upgrade to something better before long. I play some games but not a proper addict. Also use I lot of music production software that can be quite CPU hungry

550W would be Ok with the hardware you have now. If you intend on upgrading your GPU later I would suggest a more powerful PSU now.
A 650W is only $6 more than the 550W.
Corsair 650W $92:
Excellent! I have found some here in the UK at reasonable prices. I'll get one ordered. Might as well get it now and use it for a few weeks with my current system before I splash out on a full upgrade.

Thanks again!
Might as well get it now and use it for a few weeks with my current system before I splash out on a full upgrade.

Thanks again!
Excellent decision and you're welcome.
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