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Is the X1950XT A good card?

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I'm getting this card just wondering if its one of the best cards and what other cards are around the same power and if i have made a good chose.
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That is an excelent card, you will be pleased.
Is it one of the best DX9 cards?
My build is going to be a E6630, 2GB 5300 Ram, x1950XT, 250GB HD, Will this work with work fine? 450W okay?
ehh, would get 500-600. high powered systems=better psu
I was told the Antec 450W was Fine though.
But will the 450W one work? I kinda already ordered it >_>
The 450W SmartPower 2.0 is at the lower end of the scale for Antec's PSUs and might cause problems depending on the rest of your system specs.

It has dual +12V lines giving a total of 32A, but your X1950XT will eat up most of these amps (ATI recommends +12V=30A minimum). If you start to notice 3D games crashing, check the PSU voltages and system temperatures using SensorsView and you'll probably find the PSU can't handle the stress.

And to answer your original question, the X1950XT is one of the best in its price range. I nearly bought one recently but decided to go for the X1950 Pro (Sapphire Ultimate version with extra performance and better cooling system).
Ok thanks i asked in the PSU forum and they said it will work but i might have problems after a while so i will use it until i have problems.
Since that came with the case, you could always sell it. But personally, if I were in that situation, I would get the 650 w and keep the 450 w around for troubleshooting. I always keep my old parts around in case I need them.
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