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Is the file corrupt? MSWorks4.0

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Hi, I have a client that is using Works 4.0 and he has several documents and books using this software. To upgrade him to works 9.0 without a converter is not in the question, but anyway. This question is only about a certain few files.

He has some files that he created using works and they have the .wps extension. When I open these select files, they are not completely in characters and codes, but instead, they have a box character between each letter.

It only does this with 3 files that he needs very badly, and all of his other documents open fine. Are the files corrupt? I also tried installing Works 4.0 onto another computer and open them by xfering them with a USB drive, same result.

Anyone know what's going on with this?

The text throughout the whole file looks similar to the following example, except the underscores would appear as boxes in the file. I don't know how to get a box character in this forum submission so stay with me :)


so ya, the underscores = boxes though..

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated, Thanks in advance everyone!

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It may be that the font-file relating to the font that was used to create the document has become corrupted.

A quick way of checking if that's true is to highlight the whole page and select a different font to see if the document then becomes legible.

Hopefully that's all it is. That's not nearly as serious as the file itself being corrupt.
Turns out that the .wps was a Works 9.0 file and believe it or not, he had works 9.0 installed, uninstalled it, then installed works 4.0.... 3 of his files were only able to be opened in works 9.0 and the rest only open in 4.0.

So my next question will be.

Is there a way to get a converter for works 4.0 documents in works 9.0?
Either I need to install works 9.0 and works 4.0 side by side, or just get one program to handle all of the files and versions.

If someone could help me find a correct converter for works 4.0 documents in works 9.0 that would be of great help.
Also, is there a way to install works 9.0 to another destination folder so that it will not have to uninstall works 4.0 first? If that is a last resort and I can not find an inverter, I would like to have both installed so at least my client can access his files.

Thank you very much in advance,


PS: I did try what you posted first, and it was still all in codes and characters. Thank you for helping though :)
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