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Is my SSD Samsung Evo 850 failing?

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Hello. So i want to write about my issues with Windows 10 just before format, when i was on MBR partition. I want to be sure that my SSD is fine or not.
So listen.

Task manager and event viewer was not responding and some of the applications stop responding. I was clicking and nothing happening. Next.

In Windows 10 when i was clicking just only run TEST 3dmark 11 ,test was not loaded, but system became laggish and not responding. System was in slowdown. Almost all programs stop working. Start menu was not responding. All applications wont responding and became very laggish. Gets stuck on "Logging Off" when attempt to shutdown or restart. System become unresponsible and laggish. I cant do almost everything. I cant restart system because START button stop working.
Opening some file taking 10 second. I must force hard reset to work properly again system. Almost everytime
when i click run test ( test was not loaded somehow ) in 3dmark 11 causing this issue.
Weird issue , just simple clicking RUN ( test was not loaded ) TEST 3dmark 11 making system laggish and unresponsible. Gets stuck on "Logging Off" when attempt to shutdown or restart. So i was force hard reset.

So is my SSD failing then ? I have SSD Samsung Evo 850 250 GB. But here is smart screen:

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This happened 3 months ago on a different Windows install. I'd say your SSD is fine and it was a software/Windows issue originally.
Nothing like your non -issues, Sew. He started off with a clone of his old HDD on the SSD - anything already messed up would show quicker, especially on a relatively old, possibly already faulty, system such as his. He has hardware and software issues.

You currently have no hardware or software issues - stop looking for them, go play games!
You haven't changed the SSD - you've had no issues for 3 months.

Your PC is not his PC.
Sew, YOU don't have a problem with your hardware (and you haven't for 3 months).
Really worried ... How, Why, you haven't had an issue in 3 months?

Stop spamming about a problem that was fixed months ago by a wipe/reload - you no longer have that problem, whatever it was, you've already removed any evidence/logs that we could use to find out the true cause, as usual.

You don't have a problem, stop spamming.

"Is my SSD Samsung Evo 850 failing?"
Thousands would tell of zero issues with the same SSD.

You don't have a problem, it was resolved 3 months ago.

Don't create another topic about a problem you don't have.

1 - 6 of 13 Posts
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