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I have a Dell XPS 400 desktop and would like to upgrade the CPU to Core 2 Duo. The motherboard is an Intel 945P manufactured by dell. Will this mobo support a C2D processor? Thanks for any help you can provide.

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Hello and welcome to the forum. Unfortunately no, the Dell XPS 400 will not support the C2D cpu.....the new XPS 410 will. However your computer will support any of the following cpu's....
(Note: this info was found on the Dell support site, and cannot be verified by myself, proceed at own risk and/or contact Dell to verify)
XPS 400 -
Prescott 326, 2.53G, 533FSB, 256K
Prescott 331, 2.66G, 533FSB, 256K
Prescott 336, 2.80G, 533FSB, 256K
Prescott 341, 2.93G, 533FSB, 256K
Prescott 346, 3.06G, 533FSB, 256K
Prescott 351, 3.20G, 533FSB, 256K
Prescott 521, 2.8G, 800FSB, 1MB
Prescott 524, 3.06G, 1MB, 533FSB
Prescott 531, 3.0G, 800FSB, 1MB
Prescott 540, 3.2GHZ, 1M, 800FSB
Prescott 541, 3.2G, 800FSB, 1MB
Prescott 551, 3.4G, 800FSB, 1MB
Prescott 630, 3.0G, 800FSB, 2MB
Prescott 640, 3.2G, 800FSB, 2MB
Prescott 650, 3.4G, 800FSB, 2MB
Prescott 660, 3.6G, 800FSB, 2MB
Prescott 670, 3.8G, 800FSB, 2MB

Cedar Mill 631, 3.0G, 800FSB, 2MB
Cedar Mill 641, 3.2G, 800FSB, 2MB
Cedar Mill 651, 3.4G, 800FSB, 2MB
Cedar Mill 661, 3.6G, 800FSB, 2MB

Smithfield 805, 2.66G, 2X1MB, 533FSB
Smithfield 820, 2.8G, 800FSB, 2MB
Smithfield 830, 3.0G, 800FSB, 2MB
Smithfield 840, 3.2G, 800FSB, 2MB

Presler 915, 2.8G, 2X2MB, 800FSB
Presler 920, 2.8G, 2M, 800FSB
Presler 930, 3.0G, 2M, 800FSB
Presler 940, 3.2G, 2M, 800FSB
Presler 945, 3.4, 2X2MB, 800FSB
Presler 950, 3.4G, 2M, 800FSB
Presler 960, 3.6G, 2x2MB, 800FSB
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