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is my hard drive trash

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Hi ive taken my laptop into the computer repair place and they said the hard drive is bad
I dont quite belive them when i took it in it wouldnt conect to the internet but it still loaded windows xp.
now when i start it it only comes to a hp screan with like three function key options and an esc option.
ive looked around with the four option and ive got a screen that says video something or anouther error and then
goes to no opperating system found.
the label on the hard drive said its a
Ibm Tavelstar
model IC25N040ATCS04-0
and its a 40 gb

the laptop is a
class B
canadian model

plz help what do i do
it also makes a clicking noise when its on
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If you want to actually SEE your HD being "bad", meaning proving to yourself beyond a doubt that it's bad, run HDD Regenerator. You can see it failing to repair sector after sector. Eventually you'll become a believer.

However, it will probably run your HD to the point that any data recovery will be impossible. If you care about the data on the HD, get it recovered first, then worry about the HD itself.
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