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where to start!

i have
abit nf-m2s specs here
amd athlon 2400 skt am2

the mobo and cpu and the rest of the pc are about 16months old they we all fine 2 days ago no problems has been running windows 7 for months fine the other day i was using it then all of a sudden it powerd off instantly so i powerd it back up went through bios fine booted up from hdd fine started to load windows 7 with logo then powerd off again it does this about 10 times sometimes less or more but i can sometimes get into windows i can be in windows 30 mins then powers off again i have tried booting into safe mode same problem just powers off but can sometimes get into windows for 30 mins then powers off again so my 1st simple / cheapest solutio was to reinstall windows it booted up from cd fine and the first screen you get when installing windows that says loading files it powerd off there so i tried a diffrent harddrive from another pc that 100% works and the same problem when i try to install windows 7 so i tried a new psu ive been using a 450w for 16 months so i bought a new 550w and same problem just powers off so i bought new graphics card thinking it might be overheating or faulty and same problem i have tried 6 lots of ddr2 ram and still powers off all of them are working as ive tested them in another board ive reset bios a number of times disabled in bios shut down for overheating the weird thing it if i stay in the bios or i am in command promt the pc stay powerd on and doesnt shut down when it does shut down i have removed heatsink and checked the cpu and it is either cold or luke warm never too hot even if im in the bios for 2 hours the restart to load windows then and it still powers off and its still luke warm i have not added any new hardware prior to the problems so the psu should have enough power.

my conclusion

ram= no i have tried 6 100% working sticks of ddr2
gpu= no i have tried 2 gpu's 100%working
psu= no tried a brand new one 100% working tested in other system
hdd= no tried a 100% working one

it has to be the motherboard or cpu

but the problem i am having is the faulty one is skt am2 and my working pc which ive used to test all the componets is lga 775 so i cant test them unless i buy new parts and i dont want to buy new mobo and it be the cpu thats faulty and vice versa if anyone could help me figure out what the faulty part is i will be gratefull

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CPU's are pretty bullet proof but ABit Mobo's are far from top quality so I would assume, between those two, the Mobo is at fault.
Please update us when you get the new Mobo.
It is always helpful to post the PC's specs when asking for advice.

Pre-Built Brand & Model Number
Custom Built-Brand & Model of Mobo-CPU-RAM-Hdd-Graphics-PSU.
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