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Is my CPU Melting?

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I’ve recently transferred my motherboard to a new case and upgraded the CPU fan to one of those 'Arctic Cooling Silencer 64 Ultra TC' thingies while I was at it. Never done anything like this before but I think I pretty much followed the instructions. Bought some Artic Silver 5 and put some of that on top of the CPU before plonking the cooler on-top. The instructions did say to wiggle it a bit to spread it round but this didn’t seem to be possible.

Is 90+Celcius bad for a CPU? My motherboard’s a KV8-MAX3 and my CPU’s an Athlon 2800+ 754 pin, if that makes a difference. It kept making this annoying siren noise at me while it was on (well, until I unplugged the speaker wire).

What should I do? Does it sound like I might have maybe done the thermal paste wrongly?...

Thanks in advance for any suggestions / replies!

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yes, it sounds to me like the thermal paste isn't right, or the heatsink is somehow hung up on something, keeping it from making good contact.

i use an index card, and i spread a nice thin layer over the entire top flat surface of the cpu, then carefully lower the heatsink on.

i don't know about that exact heatsink, but some have a notch cut into one side of them, and you need this on the correct side.

is it this?

if it is, then it has no notch.

90+ will kill a processor, AMD rates some of them at a melt point of 90, and so if yours is still running at 90, then shut it off, and do whatever it takes to get that back down.

the siren noise is the overheat alarm.
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and when you tried to twist it, was it already buckled?

if it's buckled in, i doubt it could twist enough.
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