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Hello everyone,

I feel really stupid asking this question but I am just wanting to be sure that it is the laptop screen and not something else. Could someone please confirm that based on the symptoms that the most likely cause is the laptop screen.

HP G-71 447us Notebook
Screen P/N:Samsung-LTN173KT01

1. Notebook screen has dead pixels located at the very bottom of the screen that stretch all the way across the screen.

2. Notebook Looks like it has walked or was dropped though the valley of the shadow of death.

The Issue:
Computer will boot and show BIOS splash followed by the windows boot logo. After about 45sec to 1min&45sec the screen will develop a black square like frame and inside of that frame all screen resolution will be lost it. It looks like what was being displayed fades and becomes black. Outside of this frame at the top of the screen you can still see the mouse if located there and a peace of what image is currently being displayed.

Steps taken:
I have checked the cable in the back of the monitor;
I have disconnected cleaned and reattached the cable that did not seem to solve the problem.
VGA Connection works.
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