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Is it possible

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Using emulators is there any way to play microsoft windows xp games on the linux operating system? If this is possible please give me a link to a website on how to do it or step by step directions .:smile:
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Depends on what game you want to play. Some do, some don't. Check out Codeweaver's list of supported apps
You can try Cadega, but it is not free.
You could also try Wine (Windows Emulator), which is free:
Cellus noted a very commonly used program that will allow you to use Windows games and drivers. IMO, it will be easier if you download WineTools with Wine.

Also, many games for Windows also have Linux versions, so check if is one.
would all the battlefields and oblivion and medieval 2 total war work
One easy way is to dual boot windows/linux.

You can use windows for gaming and linux for just about everything else. I did not see your games listed on the Cadega site so they may not work under linux, but make it easy for yourself and dual boot, then you can have the best of both worlds
Dual boot is probably the easiest way for now, although some companies do provide Linux clients that can run with the data files from the Windows copies. You might check quickly by running a search on the support section of their site and

For the games that don't, you can check the Codeweaver list kbalona posted. Wine is supposed to play some like Warcraft III.
ok how do you dual boot
Good Method: Shrink your Windows partition down to make way for the 2 required Linux partition, root & swap
Better Method: Use an existing empty/unneeded partition, split it an format it for Linux
Best Method: Use a separate HD exclusively for Linux.

Whichever method you use, what will happen is when you install Linux, you'll tell the installer that you want to dual boot. Linux will install a bootloader that will allow you to select which OS you want to start, when the system is booting.
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