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is it possible to post links in signature in this forum

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i wanna put my website links in the signature

everytime i try to do it i get an error

pls help me, how many posts should i post, or how many days should i be registered

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according to the rules only tsf supporters and team members can have active links in their signature.
Any form of a link in a signature, whether active or not, that points to a member's personal website is not allowed and will be removed. Furthermore, if the link/s points to any site offering the sale of merchandise or services, both the signature and the member will be removed.

Please read our forum RULES and you will find
You may also NOT place affiliate, live or dead links for purposes of advertising or for any other purpose in any post or in your signature. You may only post a link in a post, if you are assisting a user. NOTE: Citing free support at your own or another forum is not a mitigation for having a live or dead link to such a forum in your signature.
which falls under the catagory for spam.
If you aren't here to spam then you can have it set as your homepage in settings.

However, TSF is here for helping people and not to advertise people's sites :)
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