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is it compattible?

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ok i have a geforce fx 5200 pci video card and im planning on puting it my comp. but i dont knoif its compatible.

video card....... geforce fx 5200 pci
motherbourd.......viarama u8568 (pro)
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It should be capable of running it with no problem. It will be slow, however, because of the PCI bus.

According to some sites I found you have a 4X AGP bus. It'd be MUCH better to go with that.
i have a geforce 4 mx 440 installed right now i was wondering if the drivers for the geforce 4 will work for the gefore fx 5700
oh also i was wondering if i have to take the geforce 4 out of the comp.
You'll want to reinstall the drivers for them to work best.

Is the MX440 in the AGP slot? You can have both and use them at the same time if you want. Otherwise you can remove the MX440.
yea its a agp 4x/8x interface card
You're better off getting an AGP card if you plan to do any gaming. As I mentioned before, the PCI slot doesn't have the bandwidth necessary to keep up with today's software.
how much did your card cost?
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