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Is It a Memory Problem or ???

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My question is if i have a lack of memory or another problem ???

My pc specs:

Intel I5 750
Gigabyte P55ud4p motherboard
Gigabyte 260OC 1gb graphics
500GB western digital drive
Corsair 4gb memeory

When watching a video it stops and the spoked wheel appears spins for a short time then the video re commences.

Can anyone answer my question plz.
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4 GB RAM is sufficient. The video buffering you describe is often related to Internet speed.

YouTube buffers on my 4 GB system. I have Verizon DSL. When I'm connected to a FIOS Internet network, buffering does not occur.

See what results Speedtest comes up with - - The Global Broadband Speed Test

Also, clean out temp files -
Defrag HDD -

Regards. . .


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This problem occurs when the video playback rate is faster than your Internet connection. To make watching a video possible the player fills a buffer and plays it until it empties. It then pauses until the Internet connection can refill the buffer. Normally the only solution is a faster Internet connection. It is also usually possible to pause the playback until the video is completely downloaded. Of course this may take some time.

I have a relatively slow Internet connection and see this most of the time.
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