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is 8GB of this memory good?

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Hi i do 3D modeling and rendering and want to upgrade to 8Gb of memory but have a hard time choosing which.

is ^ this one better by a lot than the one below? because 8GB of it is kind of pricey...

or this one which i think is resonable:

i will be running it on Xp 64bit, on this motherboard:

although the specs for the MB state memory DDR2 1066, can i still run the DDR2 800 on it?

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Sorry for Double Post, but i could not edit my post...

the motherboard i will be using is actually :

or is the MB above better that i posted....

also, do PCI Express 2.0 x16 Slots support regular x16 Video Cards? or do they have to be 2.0 x16 as i currently have a 8800 Ultra x16 card.
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