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ip of my wireless router

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how do i change the ip of my wireless router.
i remember being able to change it....i changed it from whatever it was to

i tried to change it under Home > Home Network > Interfaces > LocalNetwork..i managed to change the ip address where it had

IP Addresses
IP Address/Mask Type Static Edit Delete Static Edit Delete

i changed the 254 to 1 so it became but i couldnt help but notice that the chcp pool had not changed..

DHCP Pools

DHCP Pool Name Address Range Gateway
LAN_private -

at the end it still has that meant to be that still as the default gateway is the ip of the router, right? it should be the same as the ip address?

can any1 help?? using a speedtouch 576
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You need to go into the configuration pages for the router to change it's base address. You can also change the DHCP server address range in those pages. The router's configuration pages can be addressed by doing an IPCONFIG and using the IP address that appears in Default Gateway.
ok...but before i try it. will i have to have a direct connection to the router (rj45) as i am connected through a switch????:4-dontkno

...also, maybe i might not have been clear...where it says default gateway...can i change that from
You can go through a switch, that's not an issue. Just don't try to configure over a wireless connection.

The "Default Gateway" is the router base address, and that is the thing you can change.
ok...i managed to change the ip of the router. i noticed that there are 2 ip addresses (2 ways to connect to it) so that if i change 1 i can still connect via the other ip.
anyway...i also had to change the default gateway on each computer on the network. i also noticed that every so often my internet times out periodically...for example, it will be working fine (no problems with any site, signing in, syncronizing files with outlook, etc)....i saw that it looks normal when clicking on local connection where the packets are being sent and received.....

could this have anything to do with what i did? as i never had a problem like this before..
Two ways to connect? Never heard of that! :4-dontkno
Two ways to connect? Never heard of that! :4-dontkno
if you look above there are 2 ip addresses....dunno if that was setup by my isp....but if that's not how they're meant to be i didnt know.

...but anyway, since the last post i found that if i give a static ip (specifying the dns also) the this laptop it fixes the problem of timing out every so often.....
....actually..its not fixed! :sigh:
still times out! any ideas?
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