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ip conflict

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my friend has a pc and her friend has a pc. they are both connected to a router for internet access. they arent part of a network as far as i know...
my friends pc is running xp pro
her friend is running xp home
each pc i manually set the ip address
i disabled dhcp in the router
i disabled the wireless option.
each ip address is unique
but she gets an error message of an ip conflict...

what is the deal?

2 pcs with different ip addresses
how could there be a conflict?
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what are the ip addresses you are setting?
The router has an IP address,1 of the computers must be duplicating that.
its a linksys router

the pcs are and 192.168.108
Wireless router? Maybe a someone is on the network you do not know about?
Network printer?

Shut down the machine with the address that conflicts and ping the address to see what happens. Or even easier, just change the address on the machine that has a conflict.

nope, you might try resetting the router in it's internal panel.
(turning it off will not work, neither will the reset button on the back)

sometimes, it has seen a network card, and assigned it an ip, and even though that card is gone, it still remembers the mac address from the network card, and still wants to reserve that ip for that network card.

go into the router's webpanel, and choose, "reboot router"
the wireless function is disabled.
people were getting her internet and she doesnt use it so i disabled it...
this has got me stumped...

does a network printer have a ip address?

how would u change it if it does?

she is gettin pissy...
wrath of a girl what you should fear most...

aim keeps disconnecting...

i asked her if she has any p2p programs open
she said no
but her routers log shows ports which shareaza uses - 6346...
and aims 5190

wat a headache
im runnin outta options...

plz help.
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Network printers and network print servers typically have IP addresses. With HP units you can print a config page from the printer or a config report from the print server to see the IP address.

As for AIM disconnects, this is somewhat common, I do not use AIM so I have no ideas other than many folks claim it disconnects.

You may also want to make sure the Linksys router firmware is up to date and AOL/AIM also use Port Magic to manage the router, maybe some form of port configuration/priority to keep AIM connected.

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