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Iomega external hardware problems

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any help would be fantastic. I had a Iomega 20gd hard drive for 3 yrs, Have not experience and issue with intil recently. I double checked my device manger in xp and it said device failed to start My question is did it crash and if it did is there any software out there where I can rescue the files already stored on it thanks :4-dontkno
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Is the drive in a usb housing? Does a light come on when you power the
drive? Or is there a light with the housing? Separate power supply may
have failed for external drive. What you can do is take the drive out of

the housing. Set jumpers to slave,,Turn pc off, take side cover off.,Ground
yourself and attach the drive to the primary ide cable. The same cable
your other hdd is attached to. If your lucky the drive is ok, but the power
or something in the enclosure failed.
the light is on when i plug it in and like i said before when i go to device manager in xp it tells me The Device Cannot Start. thats why i thought it might have crashed

May be a corrupted driver.
Turn the computer off and disconnect the drive.
Start the computer and make sure the drive no longer shows.
Shut down the computer,reconnect the drive and restart.
Let windows redetect it and try it again.
i am suffuering from a simular problem

I have the same drive except it is 80GB. I can get the drive to show up in 'my computer' but cannot access the drive. The blue lit still flickers every once in a while and I can still hear the drive spinning up. Any suggestions
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