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Involuntary cursor movement

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I have a laptop HP Dv1000

O/S Windows XP Home Edition.

I have stripped and reloaded the O/S from the partition in my D drive, no avail, reloaded the O/S from CD's, 13 Read Only CDs a 1.75hr project, run Kapersky, run Malware, run NOD 32, all separately , run Windows One Care, nothing has gotten rid of this problem I have. I about to do a Nuke wipe of my D drive and full reload if something here does not cure the virus I have.

The Problem: my Synaptics touch pad, in certain applications, has a mind of it's own, the cursor scrolling to the right constantly. If I back up the cursor, to the left, it moves involuntarily to the maximum right justification. if I move the cursor left, upon release, it still goes right justified.

This drives me nuts while in Google Earth, the world just starts spinning, round and round. It also does the same when in Garmin Motion Based, when I click on Google Earth applications.

It also does it in forums when posting in an existing thread, whether the browser is in Google Chrome or in Firefox. If I use the tool bar at the top, it alternates continously through all the tab selections, making it impossible to choose the tab I need.

I have reloaded Synaptics touchpad drivers from HP for my model computer to no avail.
In going into Windows Task Manager>Processes> I find SynTPEnh.exe having activity on the CPU, as well as chrome.exe without input from anything from me on the touch pad, with auto scrolling right justified going on.

Ironically, it is no doing it on this particular Bulletin Board, but it does scroll right on YaBB Bu version 8.

Any suggestions how to get rid of this virus, short of a full wipe of my harddrive? I am not computer savvy, I just want my machine clean, so it uses and functions with the software as designed by someone that is a non hacker or virus composer.

I have gotten ride of a noisy "safe" start up "F8" sound in "regular' start up mode virus that was sounding off at every start up with the protection listed above, and the involuntary "bonk" keyboard sound that comes with a wrong key being pressed, sometimes when filling data fields.

Any suggestions or next steps as to what the definition of the virus is, and where to go to stomp it into oblivion, or quarantine it permanently would be much appreciated.
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Hi RandyBoy,

This sounds like a hardware issue.. You probably need to replace your touchpad on your laptop. The best way to get rid of these Involuntary cursor movements is to disable the touchpad and use an external mouse.
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