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Invalid Drive?

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Win98 SE. Why would I get an "Invalid drive" when I click on my CD-ROM? I reformatted the HD and I just installed it (I started getting the same message with the old one). Thanks.
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Now don't get pi$$ed but I have to ask, Is there a CD in the drive when you click on it? If so check the jumper and try another cable. Oh try indexing the CD in the drive 90 deg. and see if it see's it.
Good question!


Your question just made me laugh! (BUT, hey, it IS a valid question). CD is in. I have to drives (one CD-RW and the other a DVD-ROM). It is just the CD-RW that gives me problems. I got another cable and checked the drivers and IRQ's for conflits. Nothing. At the risk of sounding not-so-intelligent, what do you mean by indexing? Thanks.

When you reboot does the bios detect the CD-RW.

This would show after the system memory check is complete.

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what do you mean by indexing? Thanks.
Open the CD drawer and turn the CD 1/4 turn and then try it.

I have ran into times when I would put a CD into a drive and close it and nothing. Open the drawer and turn the disk and it works.
Well, the drive could be bad! Have you moved the other DVD to that IDE channel to see if it works there? Have you tried the drive in another system?
Sorry for the delay. Incredibly busy here. Not net at home. The drive works fine. It seems my system is not detecting it (it does at boot up time). I will try swaping the DVD with the other. See if it does it. Thanks.
Not to sound rude -probley will any way

CD roms are not that quirkey...they work or they dont

If you put the DVD rom on the same channel and it works...the CD rom is fixing it -other then reseating the cables and ensureing the jumper is set properly ...just the fact...these things happen...thats why techs have jobs...

If you put the working DVD drive on the same channel and it doesnt work...then swap the cabel...if it still doesnt work (worst cast senario) bad connector on the motherboard...then weight the value of cost of replacement to new system...

Now if your remove the DVD and the CD works...look at your power supply...not preforming...ALOT of system qurikyness can come form a bad or soon to be bad power supply

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I am cool.

I welcome suggestions. As long as they have good intentions (i.e. stating the facts in a straightforward manner) I am OK.

It got worse. No IDE channel would work now (can't load windows and can only work on DOS). Can I start picturing myself dropping in a new motherboard?
no IDE channel on one or both??

Check you power???...also check you cables again...all the moving around might of unseated something....if you checked...check again;)
Been, Done

Checked all connections. Cables sitting properly. Both channels not working. CD-ROM spins but still gives error about not being detected. Will check the pins on the drive and cable.

I can't help but think that we've got to be missing something simple here.

I think we need to compare exactly what you bios shows about your drive configuration and what shows on the "Settings" tab on each drive in Device Manager.

You proably already know this but:

As soon as the bios displays the drives detected press (very quickly) the [Pause/Break] button and write down the displayed info(Drive Name, Primary/Secondary, Master/Slave). All your drives should be shown(*), if not as soon as you "Press Any Key" to continue running the bios press the[Delete] key to enter the Bios Setup Program, the drive info. is usually a page/screen named "Standard CMOS Settings". If you can't get into the bios setup on this pass let it finish rebooting and then restart the PC again and go directly to the Bios Setup Program and write down the info needed and then exit setup.

(*) Some bios will not show manually configured drives on the startup screen.

I can see from earlier posts that you know enough about Device Manager so, onward.

I know that you've proably done all of this about a hundred times by now but, please humor us we may solve this yet. Please post your findings.


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Back to work (I mean my real job).

Thanks for the info, twas (which I did not know). I will try this as soon as I can.
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