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I am experiencing several issues with my HP laptop with XP (SP3) that i am hoping i can get some assistance with.

1. i'm getting several messages that state: 'Xxx.exe (userinit, winlogon, jusched, SynTPStart, WindowUpdate, and any
new software i'm trying to download (such as virus protection): The application or DLL C:\WINDOW\autontfs.dll is not a valid Windows image. please check this against your installation diskette'. One site i came across said to try registering the xxx.dll file and it would say
if it was successfully registered. so i went to run and typed in 'regsvr32 autontfs.dll' in the command box and the message i received said: 'autontfs: dl lis not an executable file and no registration help is registered for this file type'.

2. every once a while i get an error message that says: 'generic host process for win32 services has encountered a problem and needs to close. we are sorry for the inconvenience, microsoft'. when this happens, I lose the 'XP appearance' and my window bars take on the old look. also, sometimes my audio goes away. when i click on the
volume icon in the tray, it said no audio device can be detected. when i restart the computer, everything goes back to normal. however, sometimes i lose everything on the screen but the background and mouse. i can access the task manager by 'control-alt-delete' and if it lets me, i can log off and try to log back on and that sometimes restores all the task bars and folders. other times, when i try to restart it or shut down, it will either not respond to the command, or it will say it's shutting down but
will just sit there forever and will eventually shut down or restart. one solution i came across stated that it could be an error between the HP software and operating system so it said to disable the Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) which i do so following directions under services in the administrative tools.

3. the last issue i have probably has to do with a virus. i had panda cloud installed but tonight i uninstalled because i wanted to install microsoft essentials since it seemed Panda wasn't really working. But now that autontfs.dll message pops up with the installation file name as the header but then it says it's installed but the program won't open. But even when i had panda installed, everything time i googled
something, i would get redirected to a junk site. somethings if i quickly copied the intended address that popped up in the address bar before it was redirected and then pasted it
back in the address bar, it will then go to the right site.

So those are the issues i'm dealing with. I would appreciate any help i could get because i am trying to avoid having to bring it to Geek Squad for them to charge $180 to look at it, and then ultimately will probably suggestwiping it clean. I realize i may have to do it if not other option, but any suggestions i can get would be great since some of the
programs i have on here, i no longer have the disks which is why i'm trying to avoid having to erase everything.

Thank you so much in advance for any help you can direct my way.

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