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:confused: Hello , my name is betty and I am just learning how to post. but I am also learning computer repair and hope that the forum will be of help to me with some technical problems. If I mak some mistake in sending this message, please xcuse me. I am new at this.
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Welcome to Tech Support Forums Betty Saygbe..................:D

Your doing just fine. There are plenty of knowledgeable people here most of the time, So if you need help just ask............:winkgrin:

Or stop by the Spa and post whatever tickles your fancy, Within reason of course.
Yes, welcome ....

Hope to see you around here we can always use a fresh idea for problems. :)
Welcome Betty!:D

Welcome:winkgrin: Being new myselyf I know how it is to find it hard to get around this site at first. It doesn't take long and everyone here, seems to be very knowledgable. The only one I can't seem to figure out is ole :guns: MIDNIGHT TECH. I wrote that in caps so he would know I was talking about him. Just Kidding. He's cool to. Well work calls so I'm off. If you need any thing feel free to ask. Good Luck Drupy
Welcome. So what brought you into the computer repair work?
Welcome to the TSF. Enjoy your stay. All emergency exits are located in the right upper corner and marked with an X.
Hi Betty!! I hope your stay is Peachy!
Hi all

Hi all
Good morning to everyone. New to this but I will eventually get the hang of it ,so I do ask for you to be patient with me. I do promise I will be asking plenty of questions, and if I can pass on information I will. I would like to say thanks because before I even got logged in I got an answer that even the help line could not give me.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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