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Internet suddenly became slow (months ago)

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A few months ago (I'm THAT lazy :laugh:), my internet on my PC suddenly became fairly slow (gaming would be a nightmare)-eg. Youtube vids used to load fast, and now they usually must be left for a minimum of 5 mins (for a shorter, non-HQ vid) before playable-which I can't see being caused by anything-seeing as I don't recall doing anything around the time it started. Another thing, is that the signal strength has remained roughly the same.

Anyway, as far as details:

  • ISP: Comcast
  • Router: F5D8236-4v1
  • PC's wireless reciever: Ralink RT61 MIMO card (At least that's what device manager says-the box says LevelOne, and Ralink I beleive too-I don't know if that changes anything)
  • OS: Currently Win7 Ultimate 32bit-problem started on Vista Home Premium 32bit
  • Firmware: As far as I can tell, all FW is up to date, and I don't beleive there were any updates around the problem starting (except maybe windows)

If theres anything else, please just ask.
Thanks in advance
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I should add: I also am running a PS3 (60GB-Feb. 07 I think) which plays online pretty well, and an iPod Touch which works pretty well. Also a Mac on Ethernet-is fine

Also, the router/modem have always been in the basement, whilst the problem PC and PS3 are 2nd floor-maybe 20-40 ft (pretty rough estimate) (iPod usually used from same area too)-and the mac is 1st floor-maybe 10 or less feet away.

As far as ethernet for upstairs-not a job I want to deal with or pay for.
Some things you can try here, listed in the order you should try them.

  1. For wireless connections, remove all the stored wireless profiles and search for networks. You'll have to enter the encryption key again, which is sometimes the issue for connection problems.
  2. For wireless connections, change the channel on the router, I like channels 1, 6, and 11 in the US.
  3. For wireless connections, try moving either the wireless router/AP or the wireless computer. Even a couple of feet will sometimes make a big difference.
  4. Update the network drivers (wired and wireless) on your computer to the latest available.
  5. Update the firmware to the latest version available on the manufacturer's site.
  6. Reset the router to factory defaults and reconfigure.

Many times these measures will resolve a lot of intermittent issues.
Thanks for the tips, but none of them seemed to help much (2 was the closest-changing the channel to 1 may have made a slight difference, unless I'm just imagining).
I also should add-it isn't the ISP hating my computer (or anything else internet related)-it's the connection to the router-becuase the router's config page also loads very slowly.
Well, not another computer, but my PS3 runs fine and it's only 3ft away, but I'll try another comp. there.
Actually I have done that-it was the 1st time I played BF2 online (as in the connection was a LOT better). I had it wired and wireless at close range at that time, so my guess is that somehow the wireless antennaes or something on at least one end got screwed up.
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