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Internet stops working on my PC until a OS restart.

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So, this week out of nowhere my Chrome navigation just stopped working.
I tried to access the Modem menu with my gateway but it didn't open too, then I tried rebooting the modem manually and after it restart navigation still didn't work, after that I realized that Steam was still in online mode, I oppened Dota2 and still could find a match but the news on the client first page wouldn't load.
I tried switching to a new IPV4 dns server but was to no avail. Other browsers had no connection too. I took my phone and it had normal internet with wifi connection
The only thing that worked was resetting my computer. But it keeps happening now every 30min to 1 hour.

My modem is a HUAWEI HG8245H Fiber modem, and I connect through cable to the PC.

I looked up some other similar threads but the situation is not quite the same... I can release and renew on Ip Config and it doesn't help.

I would be very glad if some of you guys could help me.
Thank you and sorry if I goofed too much with my english.
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Hi mate.

Do you only have problems on your PC?
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