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Internet Slow, Download/Upload Speeds slow

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OK so a couple of months ago I posted about having issues with signal strength, internet speed and download speed being slow. After a bunch of trouble shooting I ended up buying a new (refurbished) router. I now own a Linxsys E2000. Right out of the box it ran great! My speedtest results were in the low 20's for download speed. The internet was also lightning fast.

I went away for vacation and just got back last night. Now I am back to the same issues I was having with the old router. My latest speedtest:

Ping: .95 mb/s Download: 0.94 mb/s Upload: 0.24 ms

Last time I installed MSE and ran all the scans. I am current and have no spyware or adware issues. I changed the channel of my router a couple of times and that really didn't help. Last time I was having signal strength issues and they are appearing again. I have Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector and usually my neighbors signals are stronger than mine. I know it's not just my laptop because i used another laptop and the internet is slow on there too.

any ideas on what can be happening? Why was it working so great at the beginning and now its not? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I am running windows Vista Home Premium.

I wanted to note that I ran a speedtest on my PC that is connected to the router through ethernet cable. The results of that test:

Ping: 57 Download: 21 Upload: 4.......Much better when it's hardwired.
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Yes, I do remember you from this Thread.

Is this a wireless issue? If it is, have you tried a wired connection?

How's your connection if it's connected directly to the Modem?

Can you please post the Xirrus snap shots here from the problematic wireless computer?
Great memory! Yes I just posted as your were probably replying (updated original post with speedtest results of my hardwired PC). When its hardwired the results are much faster and better so it appears to be a wireless issue.....
Here is the latest connection test: The same 2 are usually yellow (DNS and Internet Reachable). Thank you!


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I will need to see the nearby wireless networks, what Channels they're in. Click on Show Networks from your Xirrus program.
Here you go, right now my signal is the strongest but it fluctuates. Mine is the MidwayMonsters one....


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Change your Channel to 1, see if it improves. Verify if your router has the latest firmware, check the Manufacturer's site.

I remember suggesting a high-gain Antenna for you from previous Post I guess it was overlooked, it will help a lot.

Your router doesn't have detachable Antenna so you won't be able to put in any High-Gain antenna but you may buy a Wireless Network Adapter for your computer with High-Gain Antenna. Please check Post# 34 for a variety of options.
Here's another one just moments later, as you can see my signal is the weakest.....


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Yeah I didn't buy the high gain antenna because I found a really good deal on this refurbished router which cost less than the high gain antennas I needed. I changed the channel, signal is still the same, download and upload speeds are still very low. I'm still wondering why all of a sudden did I start having this problem? Would the signal be the main cause? I'm checking on the firmware now, not sure how to determine if I have the latest....
It's on your router's Main page.
I'm checking on the firmware now, not sure how to determine if I have the latest....
It's obvious from your Xirrus snapshot that Signal is the issue. Mine at home with 4 wireless computers have excellent Signal between 4 to 5 Bars.

Then... you have another option, wired it directly to your router.
Is there anyone else that has any ideas besides wiring it directly to the router? I don't want to have to be attached by a wire.
Don't know what else to tell you if you won't follow my recommendation from the other old Thread and this one.
I have suggested a high gain wireless device or antenna.

I hope others have better suggestions.

I really do appreciate all the help you've provided then and now. It's not that I don't want to take your advice it's that back when I had the old router the high gain antennas I needed were more expensive than buying this new router. The new router Linksys E2000 doesn't have external antennas therefore I cannot buy high gain antennas for it.

I am at my wits end. I don't understand why it worked great for a few months and then reverted back to what my old router was doing. Again, thanks for all your help!!!!
The key word could be "refurbished". The unit has failed at least once and may have a problem that was not fully repaired....just a thought.

A failed component may have been replaced but the underlying cause not addressed.
Good point. The good news is I didn't spend too much but I'm afraid to pull the trigger on a brand new one if there is an underlying issue I am not aware of. The thing that keeps getting me is that it worked fine for the first few months.
Although it worked for a while, something new always comes up.

See if you have the latest firmware, Check it out from the Manufacturer's site, download it and install. After the firmware install you may also try to Reset your router to the factory default settings by pushing the reset button for 15sec then reconfigure everything again.

If that didn't help at all than your next option is to buy a new router with detachable antenna this time. Pls let us know if you need help on shopping for one, I'll be glad to send you links.

You may always RMA the router if it didn't work for you, but I doubt it.
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