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Internet Problems! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!

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Cable Internet Problems! Help!

Okay, my bro has this computer, he gave it to me, I want to hook it up because it is a lot better than my current computer besides the memory, it had problems, he got a bunch of viruses on it from downloading stuff on the internet. His internet eventually turned off and wouldn't work, he gave it to my bro and my bro fixed all the problems but the internet won't work! It runs on Windows XP and has no viruses anymore. We called the cable company but they had no idea what could be the problem. Here is what the status of the internet connections is...

Sent >>> *Changes often*
Recieved: 0

It's not receiving any internet for some reason! But my bro's internet works and we unplugged my bros comp and plugged in mine and the internet worked! So my bro's comp has some sort of internal error! We even resetted the modem about 5 times! Can you guys help? :cry:
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Since it's real doubtful this is a networking issue, I moved you over to the forum where you should get the best assistance.
Hi & welcome to TSF

Here's what you can do....

AdAware SE v1.06

Download, install, update, configure and run a scan with Ad-aware SE v1.06:
  1. Download and Install AdAware SE Personal, keeping the default options. However, some of the settings will need to be changed before your first scan.
  2. Close ALL windows except Ad-Aware SE.
  3. Click on the ‘world’ icon at the top right of the Ad-Aware SE window and let AdAware SE update the reference list for the adware and malware.
  4. Once the update is finished click on the ‘Gear’ icon (second from the left at the top of the window) to access the preferences/settings window:
    • In the ‘General’ window make sure the following are selected in green:
      • Under [Safety]:
        • Automatically save log-file
      • Automatically quarantine objects prior to removal
      • Safe Mode (always request confirmation)
    • Under [Definitions]:
      • Prompt to update outdated definitions - set the [number of days]
  5. Click on the ‘Scanning’ button on the left and select in green:
    • Under [Driver, Folders & Files]:
      • Scan Within Archives
    • Under Select drives & folders to scan:
      • choose all hard drives
    • Under [Memory & Registry]: all green
      • Scan Active Processes
      • Scan Registry
      • Deep Scan Registry
      • Scan my IE favorites for banned URL’s
      • Scan my Hosts file
  6. Click on the [‘Advanced’] button on the left and select in green:
    • Under [Shell Integration]:
      • Move deleted files to recycle bin
    • Under [Logfile Detail Level]: all green
      • include addtional object information
      • DESELECT - include negligible objects information
      • include environment information
    • Under [Alternate Data Streams]:
      • Don't log streams smaller than 0 bytes
      • Don't log ADS with the following names: [CA_INOCULATEIT]
  7. Click the ‘Tweak’ button and select in green:
    • Under [Scanning Engine]:
      • Unload recognized processes during scanning
      • Scan registry for all users instead of current user only
    • Under [Cleaning Engine]:
      • Let Windows remove files in use at next reboot
    • Under [Log Files]:
      • Include basic Ad-aware SE settings in logfile
      • Include additional Ad-aware SE settings in logfile
      • Please do not Select: Include Module list in logfile
  8. Click on ‘Proceed’ to save the settings.
  9. Click ‘Start’
  10. Choose 'Perform Full System Scan'
  11. DESELECT "Search for negligible risk entries", as negligible risk entries (MRU's) are not considered to be a threat.
  12. Click ‘Next’ and Ad-Aware SE will scan your hard drive(s) with the options you have selected and clean automatically.
  13. If Ad-Aware SE finds bad entries, you will receive a list of what it found in the window
  14. Right-click on the list and choose [Select All]
  15. Click the [Next] button to finish removing the items that were found
  16. When finished, REBOOT to complete the removal of what Ad-Aware SE found


Download Spybot S&D.
  1. After you have installed it, Click on the Search for Updates button. Install any updates that are available.
  2. Go to the Mode menu and choose Advanced Mode.
  3. Next click on Immunize to your left.
  4. In the ensuing window, Click the Immunize button (green cross) on top to Immunize your computer - you should do this each time there is an update.
  5. Click on the 'Spybot-S&D' option on the top left to go back to the main screen.
  6. Click on the Check for Problems button. Let it run the scan.
  7. If it finds something, Select all those in RED and hit the Fix Selected Problems button.
  8. Exit Spybot.
If you keep getting the DSO Exploit entries, even after you updated Windows and fixed them, then download the Spybot DSO Exploit Fix and install it over the current Spybot installation.


After running the above programs, download HiJackThis - this program will help us determine if there are any spyware/malware on your computer. Create a folder at C:\HJT and move HiJackThis.exe there. Double click on the program to run it.

1. If it gives you an intro screen, just choose [Do a system scan and save a logfile].
2. If you don't get the intro screen, just hit [Scan] and then click on [Save log].
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